Sultans Garden Candle by Narbeth


This beautiful candle, handmade in the heart of the cotswolds, has a bright and fresh fragrance.

It has notes of Sicilian lemon, basil, lime and is finished with the warm notes of ginger.

We think this is the perfect fragrance for a kitchen creating that special scent that we all love to come home to.

Presented in a golden box with a pretty black bow, it makes the perfect gift for anyone on any occasion.

Each candle is a 30cl stylish glass jar


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Candle Tips:

  • Lighting your candle for the first time, we recommend you burn your 30cl candle for three hours to create a full burn pool. This pool will prevent tunnelling in the wax and is from where the fragrance is released.
  • Place the candle on a stable, heat resistance surface and do not burn the candle beyond 5-10mm from the bottom of the glass.
  • Trim your wick to 5mm prior to relighting. This will prevent the flame from being too large and also will help prevent mushrooming of the wick.
  • Keep the wax pool free of wick trimmings and any debris at all times.
  • If burning multiple candles, ensure each candle is at least 3 to 4 inches apart to prevent them melting each other.
  • Do not burn candles for longer than four hours and burn your candle away from draughts.
  • Allow your candle to melt fully to the edge of the glass before extinguishing, preventing your candle from tunnelling.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended or lit while sleeping.
  • Instead of blowing your candle out and allowing the wick to smoulder – try dipping the wick into the wax to drown it, then lifting the wick back out.
  • Do not move your candle when the wax is liquefied.
  • Do not touch the candle until it is cool.
  • Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire.
  • Keep candles out of reach of children and pets.

Additional information

Weight 0.675 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 9.5 × 10 cm

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