Inspirational Radiators

Elegance, Function and Art

When a client recently asked me to design a bathroom reminiscent of one from their first romantic weekend away, I was thrilled…

Radiator Elegance

I asked them to describe the elements that made that Spa bathroom feel special for them. I think that choosing inspirational elements together with the client always results in a better vision and outcome. They said that they loved the unusual, stylish, elegant and beautiful fixtures that seemed more like art than utilitarian bathroom objects. There was even a beautiful radiator!.

As we all know it’s the little touches that finesse a design and are the ones that often give the finished design a feel of luxury.

Quality and attention to detail always shines through.

Art Can Be Functional too

We wanted to ensure that the room had beautiful touches, and felt a place of style and elegant calm, despite not being the largest space to work with. Of-course, I also had to remember that it was the guest bathroom (lucky guests!) and was going to become the future family bathroom in the months and years ahead.

Lighting also plays a significant part in any design scheme and should never be overlooked. As a room with no natural light, as many new builds tend to be, it was really important to provide the client with a combination of variable mood lighting for romantic evenings together, overhead lighting for function, and some directional lighting for ladies who need to add a little make up to their morning beauty.

Why not take a look at our Journal entry on Lighting Design for some handy tips to consider when you next decorate a room.

Sculpted radiators can lift any space

The project gave me the opportunity to see what new and innovative things were happening in the world of bathrooms. I was already well aware that texture had made its mark on both flooring and walls but I was thrilled to see how things have developed in bathroom heating.

Thankfully gone are the days where we all had to accept the dull white block radiators stuck to the wall (they always seem to discolour at an ever quickening rate!). You can still have both heating and towel rails that are as flush to the walls and as functional as they ever were, but now there are options that are simply beautiful and stylish. There are some stunning options available from sculptured heaters, that command your attention as art, through to beautiful combined heated mirrors.

There are also several new systems available to integrate both bathroom heating and lighting into your wider house network which are all controllable from your phone, wherever you maybe in the world. Not only do you gain a sense of luxury and style but individual control might help reduce the running costs of your home.

Seriously who could ask for anything more?