Upholstery and Bespoke Furniture

Upholstery is the art of resurrection

Its fair to say that we love upholstery and furniture restoration. We love to breathe new life into old beloved furniture. Furniture passes through all our families and periodically needs a little love and care to keep it at its best. We are here and keen to help you. We have many years experience rebuilding, recovering and restoring family treasures, and take a real pleasure in discovering each piece for the first time.

Often we find wonderful surprises hidden in the furniture, genuine little treasures that have fallen down the back of a sofa. When we return these to their owners they are as amazed and delighted as we are. Often these treasures stay with the piece, and we make little pouches for them that we sew into the furniture. A gift for future generations. Furniture can be so much more than somewhere to sit or to put something.

We also design and build bespoke furniture. Sometimes to create a truly individual look we design and create furniture and upholstery pieces to complement an interior scheme. For our clients there is nothing quite like being involved in the process of creating and owning a piece of furniture that is uniquely theirs.

So if you need a little help and are in Hampshire, Berkshire or Wiltshire, why not call us or have a coffee with us in our Studio in Winchester, Hampshire.

Our Services

If you have a beloved armchair or family heirloom, that you simply don’t wish to part with, but that does not currently tie in with your decor, then why not talk to us about re-upholstering it in a complimentary styling? If your furniture has pet damage, stains, or just doesn’t fit with your room we can help you by re-covering it in a fabric of your choice. We particularly enjoy:

  • Beloved ancient chairs
  • Sofas (both loose and fixed coverings)
  • Headboards
  • Romantic Chaises
  • Fabulous footstools
  • Dining chairs
  • Lampshades


If you have an old treasure that’s a little bit droopy, perhaps has a saggy bottom, and is in need of a little TLC then let us weave our magic (sadly we only accept furniture at this time!). So do give us a call and we will be happy to pop round and cast our expert eye over any saggy bottoms you may have, and all for free.
Gold And Grey UK Interior Design Upholstery and Furniture Chair Re-Upholstery
Gold And Grey UK Interior Design Upholstery and Furniture Chair Re-Upholstery

Like upholstery, we love creating furniture. Our craftsmanship starts with understanding our materials. Creating beautiful furniture depends on the raw materials used, the expertise applied and the care taken. We appreciate that wood takes time to grow so we only select wood from sustainable sources and spend time treating it with care and respect.

To know whether a piece of wood is good enough for your furniture project, we don’t count the rings, we use our knowledge and senses to select only the most suitable cut, texture and density. We allow the wood to talk to us and influence our creative process.

We design beautiful tables, chairs, bookcases, desks, and smaller complementary items.

Gold And Grey UK Interior Design Upholstery and Furniture Ash Console Table Wood Store
Gold And Grey UK Interior Design Upholstery and Furniture Ash Console Table