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The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space

A beautiful home can uplift the spirit and calm the soul. At different times it can provide relaxation after a hard day or motivation for the day ahead. Our homes are integral to our happiness and well being.

Designs don’t just happen by accident. They are the result of intelligent decisions that consider functionality, scale and proportion, colour, textures and natural light.

We offer a comprehensive range of interior design options from individual consultations, right through to full home re-styling.

If a room needs a refresh, or your rooms need to flow smoothly together, Just give us a call and we will happily talk through the best options.

Our Interior Services

Colour is a mood-changer. It can calm or uplift, soothe or invigorate. And when you get it wrong at home, even just a couple of shades out,  it can slowly stress you every time you enter a room.

We all try clothes on to see if they work together because it is so easy, but with decorating every project can involve endless sample pots and hours of angsty staring at walls, tile samples and carpet swatches. This can be both expensive and very stressful. We can take the pain away for you with our professional colour and paint consultation service.

We love to help and collaborate with our customers to design beautiful schemes that bring joy and happiness into their homes. We will visit, discuss your goals, look at your rooms, look at paint and colour options, and after the consultation send you set of recommendations that you can follow. Whether you are looking for a heritage colour, a charming pastel or a bold accent we can help you.

We can provide beautiful paints from all the major paint suppliers such as Farrow & Ball, Little Greene and Sanderson. However, we have a real commitment to support British manufacturing and also can supply fantastic colours from Mylands and Fenwick and Tilbrook.

Gold And Grey UK Interior Design Home Styling Colour Paint and Wallpaper Consultation
Gold And Grey UK Interior Design Heritage Paint

When it comes to designing a room, house or office, lighting is a fundamental consideration. Often when decorating a home people overlook lighting, or consider it as an afterthought. They choose carpet, paints, furniture and then finally think about lighting. In-fact, a lot of people just accept what they find when they start a redecoration, and never question the function of a room and how lighting can support this function.

Our Lighting Consultation provides expert advice and ideas on what sort of lighting best suits your home and where it should be placed for maximum effect. We consider energy saving solutions, answer any practical questions around installation and maintenance, and assess how the height and dimensions of your spaces can impact lighting choice. At the end of the consultation we will provide you with a summary of our lighting recommendations which will enable us to work with you to establish your unique lighting plan.

Gold And Grey UK Interior Design Home Styling Lighting Consultation
Gold & Grey UK Interior Design Beautiful LED Lighting Design

All our homes date, sometimes a room’s tone changes as a piece of furniture dates or the curtains age. We all introduce favourite items over time, hang more and more on the walls, and generally lose the clean lines of the last decoration. Years may pass between updates and sometimes you may not know where to begin.

Our Styling Consultation starts with a walk-through of your home, highlighting any problem areas. We will then recommend practical solutions that you can either implement yourself, or we can help you with.  Our consultation typically takes 2 – 3 hours, and it’s really exciting to see just how a fresh pair of eyes can open up the full potential of your home. Following a consultation, you may require a summary of all the suggestions and we can provide an optional summary report.

If you love the ideas we suggested in your consultation, and want to go ahead and implement them yourself, we can produce a detailed styling plan for you to follow. This will specify key products, colours, styles and techniques, all tailored to your budget.

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