Our Journey

Good buildings come from good people, and all problems are solved by good design

Our experienced team are passionate about always giving their best. We are a company that values craftsmanship, a design family working together creating outstanding interiors. We have the project management skills to ensure our clients receive the highest standards of service.

Gold And Grey UK Interior Design Head of Design

Linn Jackson

Head of Design Services

Linn did not enter the field of interior design through the most conventional of routes. We all have our own journeys and this is hers.

From a very early age she enjoyed re-decorating and re-designing rooms in her family home, to the point where she drove her parents utterly crazy.

After her formal education she pursued her interest in all things design. Firstly, through fashion (she designed and sold her own lingerie range) and then later interiors and landscapes. Over the last twenty years she has undergone extensive training in interior design, landscape design, project management, glass blowing, upholstery, and soft furnishing (to name but a few), and has combined this with a great deal of practical experience, whilst maintaining a full time career.

As a working mum she pursued a career in global procurement and project management working on projects that, wherever possible, had an element of design. These included luxury yachts, residential accommodation for training schools, and conference centres. She was responsible for the design and fit out program of a major national retailer’s estate. Working in the retail environment and managing large-scale projects allowed her to put her design skills to use and gave her hands on experience and knowledge of suppliers, contracts, and team management.

However, with her full time career, and a family to look after, for too long her desire to fully focus on interior design had to take a back seat. That said, throughout her career she continued to make soft furnishings, design and decorate homes, and create and upholster furniture for herself, family, and friends gaining invaluable experience and helping people realise their dreams.

Over the years Linn saw a drop in the standards of furniture and soft furnishing manufacture as more and more companies moved production overseas. Linn believes strongly in using British materials and craftsmanship. She believes in using quality materials, working honestly, and to the highest of standards. Linn cares about developing local skills, and in investing in her community wherever possible. This ethos underpins her business approach.

Now she has found the opportunity to finally change direction and concentrate on interior design full time. So after years of helping people achieve their home’s potential she is proud to create Gold & Grey.

Gold And Grey UK Interior Design marketing team

Alice Wenham


Every business needs to be successful with its marketing, and the world is changing fast. Alice studied graphic design and then entered a marketing career with various multinational organisations. She brings a current knowledge of social media trends, fashion, and has a wonderfully keen eye for design.

Alice focuses on both traditional marketing strategies as well as developing our digital presence. She is passionate about design, has kept developing her skills, provides insight, and assists with all areas of our creative work.

Gold And Grey UK Interior Design skilled Upholstery, Furniture and Soft Furnishings craftsmen

Trusted Local Craftsmen

We believe passionately that wherever possible we should be using the finest British craftsmanship and materials to produce beautiful interiors and furniture. To this end we have established relationships with a number of trusted craftsman, tradesmen, and suppliers throughout the UK. All our team believe strongly that treating people fairly and with respect encourages creativity to flourish. Every one of us cares deeply for our clients, takes great pride in our work, and will go the extra mile to ensure that your project is completed to the highest standards.