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Gold & Grey UK Interior Design British Dessigners

Gold & Grey strongly believe in supporting British design and manufacturing. In my previous career I watched while every type of business outsourced its manufacturing in the hope that they would drive down cost, but in my opinion, it was always only ever going to be a short-term benefit and in most cases all it did was drive down quality.

Over the coming months we are going to introduce you to some amazing new British designers, most of which you may never have heard of. Their fabrics, wallpapers, paints, and accessories are not normally found on the high street, but all have the potential to bring fresh, elegant, and exciting styles to your home.

Throughout my year I meet a lot of new designers, as well as my existing suppliers, who are all introducing their new collections. As an interior designer I am always looking for vibrant new designs and exciting innovations. I visit trade shows, meet with other designers, visit suppliers, and generally seek out new British talent. New talent can be found right across the spectrum from furniture manufacturers, fabric and wallpaper designers, independent paint companies, and artists.

Over the next few months I will be introducing you to exciting fabric designers that ooze calm elegance, small artisan paint companies that have strong heritage values and amazing colour palettes, and some innovative lighting companies with very stylish offerings.

So in these challenging times, lets all support each other, and appreciate and celebrate what Britain has to offer.